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Additional Services 

We offer additional services to fit you lawn care needs. 



As we discussed on previous pages, aerating is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lawn.

We offer this service in spring or fall.

Aerating your lawn helps it "breathe".

It helps the nutrients and moisture penetrate deeper into soil.

Combined with "over seeding", aerating is one of the most beneficial thing you can do for your lawn.





Most people don't think about Fungus in their lawn.

You may not be a believer in "Climate Change", but in the last 10 years of a 20 plus year run, I have seen it become "commonplace"in most lawns today.

Combine high heat, high moisture, and high humidity, especially at night, creates the best conditions to have fungus on your lawn.

There are several types of fungus, but the most common is Summer Blyth.

This is a condition that cause brown spots all over a normally green healthy looking lawn.

The use of a fungicide will help to control the fungus and eventually stop it's spread.

 In time, the lawn will start to repair itself.



Mosquitos are a "pain in the !@#"

Fleas can cause issues with you and your pets. 

If you love sitting in your back yard or if you are going to have a get together of any sort in your lawn, we offer an insecticide spray that can be applied to your lawn, bushes and plants to curve the populations of Mosquitoes and other nuisance pests.

It lasts from 4 to 6 weeks(depending on how wet the weather is). 

We offer seasonal mosquito programs too....