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What do you "really" need when it comes to a Lawn care program?

When people talk about fertilizing their lawn, often they "really" mean, I have a lot of dandelions, thistle or clover and why can't my lawn look like my neighbors?....

a golf course......

Your lawn may be plenty "fertile". Your problem may be controlling the "weeds".

Weeds are defined as plants in unwanted places....

Grass in a lawn is grass. Grass in a flower bed is a weed.

"Broad leaf" plants in a lawn are weeds and are unwanted by most people. 

Weeds battle against grass and it is our job as Lawn Care Specialist to help the grass win the battle.

If weeds are left untreated, they will over take the grass and "choke" them out. 

A lush healthy lawn is half the battle against weeds. The thicker the grass, the less weeds will flourish. 

Weeds love "bare spots", they love the sun. 


When we look at your lawn, the first thing we ask ourselves, is "are the weeds under control"?



Do we need to start the lawn care program with "controlling the weeds" ?

Does your lawn need all that fertilizer?

Most lawns only need a couple of actual fertilzings a year, the balance of the applications concentrate on contolling weeds and insects that feed on grass and their roots.


As Lawn Care Specialist, we look at your lawn, we can sample the soil and give you a lawn care program that fits your needs and budget.

"What we do to your lawn, we do to ours"!

Give us a call and let the LCS's (Lawn care specialist) at MGS give your lawn a little TLC!