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My Basic Lawn Care Program......What I do to my lawn.


The follow is what I do to my lawn each and every year.


I have a dog....I hate picking up "poop".....I get my water from a well and because of the size of the lawn, I don't water unless we have an extreme dry spell.


I let the lawn go through what mother nature "dishes" out. We can do what ever you want or need.


These are just the basic applications. If you want more weed control or fungicide, we can do it....

Early Spring - Pre-Emergent Crab Grass Control and Fertilizer

After a long mid west winter, the lawn is hungry.

We put down a starter fertilizer to jump start the grass after a long winters nap.

This is also the prime opportunity to go after "Crab Grass"  before it shows it's ugly head! 

Along, with the "slow release" fertilizer, we offer a herbicide that controls crab grass.

The best time is when the "ground Temp." hits 55 degrees.


Early Fall - Broad Leaf Control

By this time, the lawn has had enough fertilizer, but the summer weeds have hit there peak.

(Clover, creeping charlie, thisle, etc.)

The weeds are turning from "blooming" to root growth, getting ready for winter.

We spray a highly effective herbicide that is absorbed into the weeds leaves and feeds it into the root system, killing the "whole" plant.

We normally wait til around Labor day to apply this application, again, waiting for all the weeds to bloom.

Late Spring - Broad Leaf Weed Control plus Fertilizer

We apply a granular slow release Fertilizer plus a herbicide to battle Spring weeds...

Spring weeds include dandelions and clover.

 We wait til around Memorial day....give or take a week....to apply this application.

This gives mother nature time to get most of the Spring weeds to "bloom".

Late Fall - Winterizer

It's time to think about "old man winter". We apply a fertilizer specifically for the lawns root system.

The grass is thinking about how it is going to survive during the long mid west winter. 

The fertilizer is absorbed into the root system, letting the lawn "stalk up" for the winter....

We apply this application around Thanksgiving.....if it does not snow....